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Carlisle 2012


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Hi Gang,
Time to start thinkin' on Carlisle this year. Dave and I want to step it up a little bit from years' past and try to do something different that everyone can enjoy. At the moment we're planning a pseudo- swap meet at his tent space for Sterling oriented items - parts, VW parts, whatever. I've got a couple sets of seats that I'll probably bring up (they are the stock fiberglass buckets) and some odds and ends that someone might be able to use. We are also planning a Saturday lunch cookout under the tent; we'll probably move this to the club tent that I'll rent again this year just in case the weather decides to play havoc again. We had also talked about doing a cruise like the dunebuggy guys are doing Saturday afternoon. Their cruise is Carlisle sponsored, but I can talk with the promoter to see if he can suggest a decent route for a smaller group of cars. It's been 25 years since I lived there and a lot has changed! I'm sure I could figure out a good route in and through some of the Blue Ridge sections, though..

Anyway, if someone has other ideas to do, please let me know! Next year is the Sterling's 40th anniversary, so I think it would be neat to do something killer then, too!


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Looking forward to meeting you guys in person. I will be there Friday and Saturday. My car is still undrivable but I can't wait to see other cars and get a few new ideas.


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I've been talking with the promoter there at Carlisle about what we can do as a group activity for everyone. There is a cruise every year for all participants that I think happens Saturday afternoon/evening or we can do one of our own with Carlisle's input. This year they are reserving an entire block of downtown Carlisle for a block party and only show cars and participants will be allowed; that happens Friday night. I expect many of the imports will go to that and a handful of kits...

As for next year, they are looking for suggestions as to what you guys would want to see for a "celebration" of the 40th anniversary. I'm drawing a blank since I can't even plan a birthday party, so if anyone has any specific ideas of what might be neat to do, throw 'em out there. I had thought about contacting Norm Rose to see if he would be willing to come out to do a little presentation of some sort like Bruce Meyers does, but I'm pretty sure he'd decline. He doesn't seem like he wants anything to do with the cars anymore.

Anyway, suggest away!



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Moved to the appropriate forum space...

Only a month away! C'mon out and support Dave and our hobby in general!


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Unfortunately this year is out but I am planning on next year - just have to break the news to the wife. *kicked my butt*


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Cool. I talked with Dave and he's not bringing much out this year he said. He won't have anything for a swap type deal, but I still might have a few items just for kicks. If anyone needs anything specific please post it here so that we might be able to get what you need out there!


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Hi guys - three weeks to go! If anyone is bringing their car out, please mention when you register that you belong to the "National Sterling Owners Association" as Carlisle keeps track of that. If by some miracle we exceed 25 cars I get my deposit back on the tent rental :D

But they do keep track of club attendance, and the more that register the better it is for the club as a whole, since that gives me a little negotiating power for future shows to reserve items and have facilities available to us.

Anyway, hope to see you all there and let's pray for decent weather this year!



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Just got notification last night that one of the very few Fortvac Bernardi "supercars" will be in attendance on Saturday. Search the 'welcome' forum for this car and you'll find it. Looks like I'll have to revive the online newsletter for the guys who can't make it this year!


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Well, the weather still has to behave for Carlisle, but at least my car was behaving this week. I've officially dusted the cobwebs off the silver Cimbria and drove it around for an hour or so to figure out what things were going to fall off. Some things fell off. I put them back on. And it looks like the car will make it to Carlisle this year!

I put a new exhaust system on it this week so that it doesn't look like it has 'roids anymore with that ugly old system hanging out the back. *thumbs up* But we also confirmed that -- it's official -- I'm not running on all cylinders. *thumbs down* But three-and-a-half cylinders should still get me to the show and back.

Assuming no torrential rains, see you guys there this weekend!


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Trailer is packed up, gathering last minute items for camping and cookouts. Will be there early tomorrow morning with cameras in hand!


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Post weekend wrap up

This year's show was under the influence of weather, yet again. The forecast for the week was rain up until the opening day, then bright and sunny for the three days of the show... yeah, right. I'll believe it when I see it. My plan was to camp in the trailer I brought the car in (18' box) and store the car under a cover outside or under the club tent if it were really pouring. The show runs from Friday to Sunday, and come Thursday morning the clouds were parting and by afternoon all of the east coast was basking under a high pressure system and the promise of a glorious weekend. Oh hell yeah!
I drove up Friday morning under a cloudless sky and arrived on the grounds around 9am or so. Fridays typically are vendor set-up days and people coming in to the on-site campgrounds. The site is 82 acres, and holds car events every month through the summer season - and some events with the major manufacturers will fill and overflow the entire site.
Anyway, a quick overview of the grounds, looking from the top of the hill at the trailer parking lot:



Unfortunately I wasn't able to get too many photos on Saturday of much of the showfield as I was talking with too many folks with the Sterling. I was able to grab a few minutes and walk around with a buddy and I had my video cam, and will post a much-edited video when I get it ready. But, for now, I have a handful. The Sterling club is wide spread and difficult to assemble in one spot. This year it was only my car, the current production car, a buddy's Cimbria and a newly acquired Fortvac Bernardi - the last generation evolution of the Cimbria (Eagle, for the UK folks). One of four in existence that we know of, the owner has some interesting plans for it. He's an automotive design engineer in electrical systems (you'd love talking with him, Lauren!), and just as laid-back as they come. So, on to the photos..

The usual gaggle of dune buggies. This year Alex Dearborn was there (of the Dearborn Deserter) and Bruce Meyers of Meyers Manx once again:

The club lineup, as it were:


Several shots of the Bernardi. The Cimbria molds had made their way to Canada at some point in the '80's. There was a company that wanted to produce the next generation of the car called the "Viper 2000", featuring a full tube frame, all the safety gear required by CDN law and powered by a Porsche 930 engine. There were two made that we know of and know where one is - and it's for sale for cheap as it's been sitting for a long time. Anyway, Bernardi purchased the molds and engineering sometime later and created the "Fortvac" Bernardi, which, from what we can tell, was a conglomeration of the owners names or some such. But they kept the frame engineering and molded the body slightly different and ditched the Porsche power for a GM drivetrain - in this case a GM 5.7L mated to an older Oldsmobile Toronado transaxle. The car is still rough as it had been sold as a "running, daily driver" which the current owner assuredly stated was far from the truth! But it came under it's own power with few issues.. and yes, the wing was part of the ground effects package back in the day! Enjoy!








One of the requisite pretty girls on site, doing her job..


and a couple of artsy-fartsy shots with the sunset Saturday evening. Will post video when I get it edited..



Thanks to the guys that showed up to sit and shoot the bull under the tent - Jim (mud4fun) and his wife up from Georgia, Brandon (who isn't part of the forum yet) and his girlfriend down from up state New York, Dan (also not part of the forum) in from Indiana who just acquired a Sterling and knew Al Hildenbrand (Sebring manufacturer), and Bob with his Bernardi. Special wishes to Mike from New York who was dealing with a family crisis and couldn't make it this year, thanks to Warren for gliding in with his Cimbria and Dave for hosting the cookouts Friday and Saturday evenings! When the video edit is complete it will be posted.


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ah...ehm..wasn't someone else there? Boy, first I get forgotten on the buggy cruise and left to find my way back from the midde of nowhere and now even my appearance during the weekend gets forgotten alltogether...I think I saw this happen on the "Twilioght Zone"...:(


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........ There were two made that we know of and know where one is - and it's for sale for cheap as it's been sitting for a long time. .....

Great pictures Rick, thanks for those. I didn't see this one posted on the marketplace; is it?