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My car is for sale, but it's not like some of you were thinking. Recently I was directed toward another car that was reported as being a Sterling. It was not, but a Manta Montage. It's still a project but all of the hard stuff is done.
I've got the Manta now and will need to sell the Sterling. I have an appointment with DMV for Sept. 21st and should be getting a title for the Sterling. The car is in Medford, OR and I want $2500. There was some talk on this site about how cheap I got the car and I will tell you that after paying for delivery, and all expenses related to getting a title that price does not reflect a huge profit for me.


Check in with UnoFun, I think he has a Manta and he might be interested in your Sterling, he's in Oregon, too.


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Yes, I even went to visit him 1 week ago, he doesn't have a Manta, he's still got 7 Sterling's, not sure if he wants another.
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