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Car #069


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Spent most of the day on the motor,. I should be able to fire it up for the first time tomorrow.
Once I'm sure its good to go I will pull the shroud and cylinder tins and get them painted.
Fan shroud and tins will be the light blue and the shroud will also have the stripe.

The header wrap is both for looks and it will certainty help control some of the heat in the engine area.
Its murder to install but its well worth it. Probably took more the 3 hrs start to finish.

FedEx delivered the pulley kit and a few other goodies this afternoon so I got cracking, First
time I ordered from The V-Dub Store in Pa. Nice people to work with, free shipping when you
spend over a $150 and fast shipping. I ordered Thursday night and got it in Florida today!



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I got the dash and ground effects painted yesterday. They are both satin black. They look glossy in the photos because they haven't flashed off yet.
I'm looking forward to installing the gauges, switches etc... This is when it starts getting fun!

I made a safety release pull for the bypass valve for the top yesterday. Now I can release the pressure on the lines from the drivers seat inside the car. Not that I'd ever
be able to lift the top but maybe in an emergency I'd find a way :unsure: or a couple of people on the outside could.

I have been putting in some very long days on the car. I still have a lot to do. I lost a full day on motor issues, but do have a motor running good for the show. Its not the one I plan on using in the car but it will do for this weekend.

I'm coming down to the wire for the car show this Saturday. So long as the car runs and drives its going. Everything may not be hooked up yet, some paint may not be finished, but the important stuff will be functional.



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Another very long day. Almost 11pm and I just finished base coat on the motor tins. I will carry the stripe across the fan shroud.

Set the windshield today and had to compound it out to get the nasty residue off of it. My side windows and headlight covers are installed.
Still have a ton to do but I'm giving it my best effort. This car is going to the show if I have to push it on and off the trailer!


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Well I decided to not do the show this weekend. It is supposed to rain both Saturday and Sunday.
It sure take the stress off, but I'm still going to finish the car in the next few days. Finish ..... We know
They are never really finished. Finished the sheet metal this morning and after work. Nice big run in the fan shroud,
I forgot to turn the compressor back on and I was shooting with too low of air pressure. That and I was rushing and
didn't turn on all of my lights. You can never have enough light. Good thing I love wet sanding. I think the extra
effort on the stripe will really stand out. It follows the stripe across the back of the car.

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Getting closer and closer.

Did a black vinyl band around the perimeter of the windshield to hide some of the ugliness.

Finished up the rear end. and got a few other odds and ends finished up.