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Canopy bouncing when closing


This is just a post for the archives as it is buried in my build thread. I had an issue with the canopy opening no problem but once it was closed about halfway it would start quickly bouncing. This isn't good for the cylinders, lines, pump or wind screen!

Islandman (over on Euronova) gave me the solution - simply add a flow restrictor valve to the lines feeding the bottom of the cylinder. I had my doubts but once I had the valve plumbed in (the right way :cautious:) and adjusted the canopy opens and closes perfectly! A simple fix for a frustrating problem.


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Thanks for posting this as a stand-alone topic (as well as in your journal.) That’s always a kind thing to do for the next person who has a similar problem.

Out of curiosity, how did you select that particular branch of the circuit and which way to orient the flow restrictor? (Just “a hunch” plus some experimenting?) If the restrictor is at the base of the cylinder that means it could either be oriented to restrict flow into it while the top is going up or restrict flow out of it while it is going down.

In the latter case, I wonder if restricting flow IN at the top of the cylinder would have the same effect as restricting the flow OUT at the bottom. Not that I think one is better than the other. I guess this is the first moment I contemplated all of the permutations a person might have to try to get an unbalanced system back in balance. Ha.


There was some discussion on Euro-Nova about it but the thought was that when the canopy is lowering it is getting pulled too quickly out of the bottom of the cylinder. The valve was placed on the pump outlet feeding the lower cylinder hoses. Now it is very important that the valve only controls the flow in one direction. You want to restrict the rate of the fluid leaving the lower cylinder hoses and have the flow rate be unrestricted when fluid is going to the lower cylinder.

That being said I still managed to plumb it backwards initially but after flipping it around it worked like a charm.