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Bottom front fiberglass piece


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What are others using to attache the bottom fiberglass piece to the nose?

I have 3/4" lag bolts in right now but I'm not sure what will happen the first time it bottoms out. I have nut/bolt sets on both sides of the marker lights on the side of the nose piece but the very front is hard to reach and almost impossible to put a bolt on.

Are you using lag bolts, or something else. Or should I try to manipulate bolts into the small space and tighten them down with nuts.

Also, are you putting anything between the two pieces of fiberglass. I bought some beetle fender welting and thought about using that.



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I think lag bolts were "factory" fasteners. I have capture nuts riveted to the body all around and use a matching bolt to fasten the panels to the body. It might be 10/24 bolts and nuts.


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I used a similar set up on the dash pods. These brackets with SS bolts should make for easy removal down the road.