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Body to frame sealer


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Hey guys, I have my frame just about ready to mount the body. I want to know what is the best solution for sealant. The last rebuild they used "Camper top" foam which caused alot of pitting and surface rust on top of the frame. That stuff is open cell foam and will hold water for ever. I have search the forum and could not find a good answer. So whatjagot?


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Seeing as you have the tube chassis, you're gonna have to use something that isn't VW oriented. Hop on JC Whitney's website and search for their rubber weatherstrip: HST Materials Company STICK ON REPLACEMENT SPONGE RUBBER WEATHERSTRIPPING - JCWhitney (didn't have to search hard, did ya *laugh*?)
It's pretty much a universal thing, stick on, and has enough height to give you a decent seal. You'll probably need a couple rolls. I've used a variety of their seals over the years and have been impressed with the overall quality of them. The other, cheaper option would be to get some of that closed cell foam "rope" that's used to put into large cracks before caulking them up. Run a bead of heavy silicone caulk around the perimeter and lay the rope into it. Wait until the silicone starts to set, then put the body back down.