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Autostick questions


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Hello, all,

I have a 1971 s-beetle for my daughter. Now I have no problem with most things regarding the motor itself, however this autostick looks like one of my "ghetto" designs. Rotten hoses, and corroded parts everywhere, and if I was in So-Cal I'd have tons of resources to pick from on help.

But here in washington state only alot of Subaru dealerships.

Does anyone have any links or knowledge I could pick from on this system?

The cars been sitting for a few years, but did run before I bought it. (or so I was told)
Id like to get her back up and running. And for a learner car, I think the autostick might be a good learning solution to teaching my daughter on how to drive a stick. At least for starters....


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There's very few online sources that carry autostick parts anymore. You might get lucky with one of the generic parts houses, but your best bet is to contact some local VW clubs and search the Samba for parts (and eBay, of course). To teach someone to drive a stick, though, you certainly don't want an autostick - there's no clutch to teach the basics with. If that's your goal, then ditch the auto tranny and parts and put a regular 4-speed in. It's pretty much a direct swap, you'll just need to string the clutch cable through the tunnel somehow and add the correct pedal cluster.