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Hey guys! I just bought my sterling and I need some help with some help getting it back on the road. My car was half way though an engine swap to a 1.8 out of a 1985 Jetta when it was stored away outside for about 37 years (hoping to do a builder's journal thread soon.) But I'm currently trying to get the wires back in order to put in a 1600 air cooled back in there and and was hoping someone could tell me what each of the switches on the roof might run to or if anyone has a wiring diagram.
thanks in advance!!


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Brett Proctor

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To my knowledge there is no specific wiring diagram that is used for the car. It was up to the owner/builder on how the car was wired.
The closest most basic wiring harness used was to use the VW harness.
Are all of those switches used??

The only advice I can offer is to just follow the wires and see where they lead to.
One place a few may go to is the wiper system, but thats just a guess