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Alfa Romeo Mito tail lights


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I know a few people have mentioned that they 'shop' while driving around. Meaning that you check out each car you pass to analyze what parts from it might look good on your project cars. I do this to the point of being unsafe. :-O

Spending some time overseas, it's given me a whole new store to check out. I am always on the lookout for tail lights which would look original, and which would NOT be easily recognizable - getting something from a cr not sold in the USA would get you that for sure. I think the lines of a Sterling are so unique that it's hard to place where the donor parts come from unless you really know your cars. All the same, if you're looking for tail lights which look a bit like a Ferrari 458 or California, check out the Alfa Romeo Mito.


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These have all LED lights in them and seem to sell for about $200/pair on ebay.uk.