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AC Install Recap

Brett Proctor

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My AC/Heater install is just about finished. All thats left is to run the freon lines and the heater lines.
Everything works better than anticipated.

First off don't let anyone tell you that it cann't be done because it can. The level of difficulty will depend on the unit you choose to use. I stoped looking for units when I found the Durango unit and focused on installing that. This unit can be made even more compact than what I used, how ever you will be cutting off the mode door section which controls the path the air takes after it leaves the evaporator/heater section. Which you can do without, the only draw back is the air from the AC/Heater will all go through the same vent system. If you can live with that then its no biggie.

If your good at fabrication and want only AC you can take a evaporator from a unit and build your own housing and bolt a blower to it. I found some very very small blowers in the center console of SUV's. This would give you an unbelievable compact unit for just AC.

I'm not going to cover the compressor or condensor because the options for these is just about endless.

OK things I found out about this install
The controls. If you are going to use actuator doors in the system there are three ways to control these
1. Cable
2. Vacum
3. Electric

My system had electric and my main problem with that was that the on/off switch for the AC was connected to a processor in the ECU for it to work. I wasn't about to put the ecu for the dodge in the car just so the switch would work so what to do.

I decided to used the stock Subaru AC switch out of a 98 legacy. This required no processor for it to work and the wiring for the AC/Heater that I'm using is out of the Subaru so it worked out just fine.

Functions for the Mode doors were all in the control panel and needed no help from anything else to work.

So lesson here was, as simple as a switch may come back and bite you. I lucked out that it was a simple fix.

I don't know if you can mix and match control panels with systems that use electric actuators, however I don't see why you couldn't if you used the vacum operated actuators.
I found some nice compact control panels that would look good in the car but I wasn't going to take the chance that it would work with the Dodge actuators so I stuck with the Dodge control panel.
I did have to make my own bezel for the controls but that was no biggie. This will go into the side opening on the left side of the driver

I'm going to stop here and continue this later


Brett Proctor

Well-known member
That thing is MONSTER. I think you'll be able to store perishable goods in the car.
This has been the second most compact unit that I have found. The other is also from Mercedes but from earlier years(90's)

To make these even more compact you could remove the Heater section and retain just the AC part(plastic welding would be involved)

I still haven't decided how the lines are going to be routed.