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16" Bucket Seat Frame

Brett Proctor

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Nice find

I couldn't find a price.

Keep in mind what the cost of cushions and covers will be and the effort required to modify them to work.

If you were thinking of just laying the seat back keep in mind that will move your legs up higher and may get into the dash or steering column. Not to mention that when operating the pedals your legs will be pushing against the seat cushion.

Just looking at the picture some work needs to be done to the frame to make it work.

It needs to be more lay back. what that will require to make happen is hard to say not knowing how the frame is built.

Those aluminum seats listed elsewhere in another post may be easier to modify. The 16" seats look like all you would have to do is cut the existing weld and lay the seat back to the desired angle and then weld a spacer into the gap. If you don't have a tig welder you would have to find someone that welds aluminum.

Or just make your own out of fiberglass.

Just my 2 cents


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That 15" is typically the width of the seat cushion between the side bolsters and the 20.88" width is too wide for my drop pans. I've measured a bunch at car shows...always too wide. SIgh...

Brett Proctor

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Brett Proctor

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Doesn't fit.

To hot outside right now to see if I can get it to fit

Maybe tomorrow I'll look at it and post the dimensions.

Brett Proctor

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I was thinking when I get some spare time, It may be possible to make a new shell with the head rest moved forward and then just install the stock cover (which you can buy separate) on that.

I can use the stock shell as the buck/plug and modify it so it will fit the car better.

Just a thought.