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#114 CCC


Glad to see that you are feeling better and are back at it. I also need to make the same piece as mine is broken, but it's far down on my list.


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11.3.19 Paint

Not sure if I had mentioned the car getting hit / bumped in a parking lot about a year ago or not. Damage was pretty minor but bad enough that it required a fiberglass repair and a repaint on the rear valance. I did the repair long ago and finally got around to painting it today.

I previously had the rear valance in satin black, this time I'm doing the same body color as the rest of the car and I'll just do satin around the rear mesh screen.




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Your build and journal are fantastic. Several questions. Are pictures available of tail lights working, running, turn signals, break lights, and back up lights? Is the rear valance available to purchase? Both you and Brett are amazing.


I don't have any photos of it working. I can tell you that I have changed it around a little now. I have added turn signals on the body of the car now and will just use the rear led strip for running lights, brake lights and back-up lights. I just didn't feel the turn signal on the led strip was obvious enough during the day. Night time was no problem at all. Overall I like the led strip, I used a 48" strip (i think it was for a dodge truck). I think I saw you mention on the euro site you bought a 60". Mine is the older and more expensive type that has led's inside a clear tube. It was about $60 at the time. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the new double sided tape strip type that is more common now and much less expensive.

I do have the mold for the rear valance I designed and can make one for you. Because of its size, shipping would be pretty rough I would imagine. I'd have to come up with a price if you think you'd be interested, likely in the $400 range.


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Just a few shots from the beach today.






I think I like the rear painted to match the body color instead of the satin black.
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Thanks Guys!

I got about 200 miles of seat time in this weekend. I did a poker run and car cruise on Saturday, and as you see in the photos I spent some time at the beach on Sunday. I didn't realize how much I enjoy spending time with the car and driving it. As much as I enjoy the wrenching, I still need to make time and get behind the wheel and enjoy what I have worked so hard to build.

The time spend driving this weekend has reminded me that I need to spend a little time on the brakes. This car still doesn't brake as well as I would like. I may be adding a brake proportioning valve to the front brakes to eliminate wheel lock during hard braking. I also need to check out the brake switches because my brake lights only come on when I brake hard. Nothing a little shop time can't fix.


Another shot of the color matched back end.
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Car looks great!!!
Still would like to see pictures of rearend running, break, turn and backup lights.
What do you think of this louvre/spoiler assembly I created?



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The louvers look great. The spoiler reminds me of whats on the Corvettes with the lower center section.

Did you just add the spoiler or remake the entire part?
I did use the 2019 corvette spoiler for direction.

When I bought this car it had an extended louvre panel. I added the spoiler to it.


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Went to my first cars and coffee early Saturday morning. Very nice collection of exotics there! There was also a mix of Hots Rods, modern cars and imports. Nice thing about the gathering is its starts at 7am and is wrapped up by 9 / 10am. Still have the whole day to go play.










The Sterling was well received. Not bad for a 45 year old VW kit car. The top going up always seems to get'em!


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Parting is such sweet sorrow!

Later this week, #114 will have a new owner!

The time has come to say goodbye. The good news is she won't be very far away. A local friend of mine has decided he had to have her more then I. I need to make a minor changes to the drivers seat to fit him better and finish the speedo cable and windshield wiper switch installation. Then it will be time to go to her new home.



Our last Sunday evening together. *whaah*


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In the spirit of posting as an update, here is a photo of #114 and its new owner.

walt 1.jpg

Update on the car.

I've done a motor swap on the car now that Walt is the new owner. There was a couple of annoying oil leaks on the old motor that I didn't want him to deal with. He really didn't care about that but it was something I wanted to do eventually anyway. Its just really hard to want to take the car off the road when you have already been enjoying it. We all know that it is never goes as quickly as we think it will.

I had a 1776 motor that I had built a few years back that needed a new home. It almost went in the #069 but I have changed my mind 6 times on that car already. Since Walts garage wasn't quite ready to receive a new car, I have been using that time to give #114 a little performance boost. We worked out a deal and I got to work. The motor is now in and it is running and looking great. I had no problem with how it ran and drove before, but now ........ ohhhhh NICE!

The new 1776 is smooth and strong. It pulls so nice in 1st and 2nd it feels like a completely different car. I'm so glad we did this and I have to say, a Sterling is so worthy of the extra performance.

Other changes to the car:

1st most important is to alter the seating position to fit the new driver. Pretty simple but still took most of a day to do. I had to make a new rear seat support to move the seat forward a few inches.

I still have to connect the windshield wiper switch and make it work.

Lastly I want to do a couple little paint touch-ups.
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I sold car #114 to my good buddy Walt Price back in 2019. At that time we agreed if ever he were to let it go I'd have first crack at buying it back. Walt affectionately named her the Gray Lady and he was a Rock Star every time he drove her. Walt never made it on time to any of our cars & coffee or the car shows he attended. Walt would stop for gas, or to pick up some donuts or snacks and without fail, he'd have someone pin him down with 100 questions about his car. He'd show up late but always smiling from ear to ear. He sure loved his Gray Lady. Sadly, my buddy Walt, passed back in January 2023. We had talked in the past about him bringing the Gray Lady to BugJam, how cool it would be to have our Sterlings parked side by side at the show. He was excited but he worried about driving back home in the dark after the show, I told him we would figure it out. Walt was 78 years young. On my drive home from BugJam last night in the Gray Lady, I got to reflect about our friendship, the times we wrenched together and the joy the Gray Lady brought him. As much as I enjoyed building this car, taking her to shows and driving her when I could, I think I enjoyed Walts time with the Gray Lady even more. You are certainly missed ole friend. This one is for you buddy, BugJam 2023, the Gray Lady did good. Love you pal, RS