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  1. Engine not idling

    I'm looking for any input from those a bit smarter than me as to what else could be causing an engine to run and rev great but refuse to idle. What I have: 1600cc engine Solex PICT 31 carb that I just tore apart, cleaned and did a basic rebuild New plugs and wires All vacuum ports plugged...
  2. Canopy bouncing when closing

    This is just a post for the archives as it is buried in my build thread. I had an issue with the canopy opening no problem but once it was closed about halfway it would start quickly bouncing. This isn't good for the cylinders, lines, pump or wind screen! Islandman (over on Euronova) gave me...
  3. Fuse box main feed

    Simple question - currently have the fuse box main feed coming directly from the battery. Wiring diagrams show coming off of the starter. I can see no difference except for a longer run. Any reason to NOT keep things how I currently have it?
  4. Dual Zoomies

    Are the high dual zooms too tall for the rear valence? According to an old post I believe the low ones fit just under. Thanks. :)
  5. Stock Tail Lights

    Pay shipping and they are yours. Good overall condition sadly the driver's side lens has some damage that could be addressed to not get worse. Not looking for any $ other than the cost of shipping if they help somebody.
  6. SW gauge wiring

    Can anybody shed light on to how accurate this wiring "diagram" is? These are the standard Sterling SW gauges. Thanks!
  7. Power mirror parts

    Thought I'd start this to show what I have done so far. I am using early Miata (91-94) mirrors and ended up with a few options for switches to control them. First is the mirror switch from the same year Miata. A number of early 2000's Fords have there switches. I pulled this from an...
  8. Wire loom clamps

    I have been epoxying just your standard plastic zip tie base to hold the wire loom but I was thinking there has to be a better method. What have you guys found that works? OEM styles would be ideal but some places just simply can't be drilled to mount them. I am contemplating modeling up and...
  9. Wire Size

    What gauge wire should go from the battery to the starter? 10ga.? What about from the battery to the generator/ alternator? This is more for others...*nothing to see*
  10. Filler hose

    Where did you all go for the filler hose from the cap to the fuel tank? Every place locally has just straight hose but I need a 45* bend on one side and 90* on the other. Thoughts for either flexible hose or what to use for the bends?
  11. Ground locations

    Where are your ground wires connected? I seem to remember them being at: Front: Pan of the frame head Rear: Just to the drivers side of the front trans mount. I was considering putting a third on the tunnel just under the dash for simplicity. How'd you do it?
  12. Thanks!

    Huge thanks for those that worked to get the site back up. I am sure you had other important things to do but thank you for a job well done! *rock on*
  13. Rear Louver latch

    I have seen a few ways to latch down the rear louvers and since one member is working through this now I wanted to throw out a few ideas that I have seen or believe that would work. Feel free to add what you have done. 1. Hood pins. Let's face it they aren't always pretty but they work...
  14. Fuse Box locations

    Where is your fuse box located? There are plenty of options but curious what you have. Under the front bonnet is not protected completely from elements but is an option. 21car put his on the driver's side of the body: I have thought about a drop down panel on the passengers side (similar...
  15. Stock headlight and mounting

    Does anybody have pictures of how the stock Sterling headlight is mounted or know what the stock lights were from? While I am sure it really doesn't matter as long as it's a 7" light pictures would be helpful and I have no pictures of my stock lights before I ripped them out and tossed them...
  16. Side pods

    Well curiosity got the best of me and I have to ask now. I am working on bolting up my side pods for the final fit but it quickly occurred to me reaching the back 3-4 bolts is impossible through the side pocket. So how did you reach the rear bolts? Years ago when I removed the side pods...
  17. Exterior canopy switches

    Began thinking about an alernate/ fail over method for opening the canopy if the key fob failed (or when it does fail:)) New switches are a bit pricey for my tastes so I was going to run to the junk yard and see what I could find. I believe the 4runner and older Broncos had exterior switches...
  18. Dual Color LED Strips

    Usually I am a bit doubtful of Ebay LEDs and components but this is a bit different. Here we have a dual color (white and amber) LED strip that you can cut to fit your application. While they are not knock your socks off bright, they are comparable to the Chrysler 200 DLR strips. HID planet...
  19. Gas tank outlet - options

    The existing problem with my gas tank is that the distance between the outlet threads and the top of the transmission is no more than 1/4". This means that the standard petcock/ outlet won't work as there isn't enough room. 1) I can pull the tank, grab a hammer and pound the threaded outlet...
  20. Fuel Sending Unit

    I don't have one to test fit but was curious if the sending unit can be replaced without dropping the fuel tank? It like it might can squeeze in with the rear window/tunnel out but would be a tight/ lucky fit.