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  1. radiator placement

    I know my vehicle is a different monster, but if you look at the build pictures starting on page 3 of the provided link it may give you some ideas for front radiator placement if you ever consider that option.
  2. You gotta see this

    Holy sh-t. I remember both Mantas...and I don't know what that thing is.
  3. Buying a Sterling

    PM a reasonable offer and let's see what happens.
  4. Buying a Sterling Interested?
  5. Happy New Year

    Happy new Year folks. ;)
  6. Merry Christmas

    Wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas. Been an interesting say the least. Here's hoping in 2021 things settle down.
  7. Site is back up.

    Glad to see SterlingKitCar is back online. Any update on the Company building the car?
  8. Happy 4th of July

  9. Nova manual

    Here's some of what I have Nova.
  10. Merry Christmas

    Just in case I get to busy to say it later, me and mine wish you all a Merry Christmas.
  11. It's Back On The Market
  12. Thamksgiving

    For those in the US that still celebrate it...Happy Thanksgiving Day!
  13. July 04 1776

    Happy 241th Birthday. Wishing everyone a beautiful day. *proud*
  14. Gen I Cimbria

    Looks like a good "Gen I" if you want/need one.
  15. Sebring
  16. Oklahoma City Sterling

    Looks like another body seeking a complete chassis/drivetrain.
  17. Chop Top?
  18. The "other" Sebring

    Just in case one of you in PA or the surrounding area was interested.
  19. Easter

    Happy Easter everyone.