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  1. Speedo Cable

    I have the basic VW pan layout (IRS). I am running the stock S & W Stage 3 speedo and my cable broke. Last time I did a cable was back in 2004 and I had a real issue with finding one that was the right length and didn't bind-up and break. What are the suggestioons for a proper length cable...
  2. Road Trip to Carlisle Kit Car Nationals in my Shalako

    I decided to take the Shalako to Cralisle this year instead of the Sterling as I hoped to have the only Shalako there. Here's the video I shot while taking the Shalako to the Carlisle Show - I shot this on my Ipad and due to the size of the IPad it can be a bit shakey - the Imovie version for...
  3. You DO know your car is leaking - right?

    So I drive the Sterling to work today (1/6/12) and park in my normal spot. With temps expected in the mid 40s I was pshyched to get some wheel time since it was in the 20's yesterday and in the teens the day before. I get settled at my desk and a co-worker arrives and says, "You DO know that...
  4. Sterling Dealership

    I was at an all aircooled show this past weekend - some of it inside...where they held a primo spot for me. As I looked around it occured to me that it looked an awful like a dealership. You decide: One happy shopper (My step daughter, Valerie):
  5. Road Trip in my Sterling to the Carlisle Kit Car Nationals

    Took the Sterling on a multiday excurion to Pennsylvania for a weekend-long show...come along! Vid - Pt 1: carlisle2010-revised.mp4 video by Yessong - Photobucket Vid Pt 2: Carlisle2010videoprojectPartB.flv video by Yessong - Photobucket
  6. Camping with my Sterling

    Took my Sterling from Long Island to New Jersey for the All Air-Cooled Gathering camping experience and then participated in the Orchard Beach Car Show in The Bronx YouTube - Camping in my Sterling Kit Car
  7. Make-shift Air Conditioning unit

    How about this - Remoive the top and replace with a small fan to blow out...plug into your lighter socket and feel the breeze...Yes? No? TC204B Black and Decker 5L Travel Cooler & Warmer
  8. My Shalako

    Here's a quick walk-around of my Shalako Spoort Buggy - as designed by famed car builder, Dick Dean: YouTube - Shalako shala Sport Buggy