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  1. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    Came from 1970-79 service manual
  2. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    Thats fantastic Will A milestone for anyone's build How much is left before she see's the pavement and gets plates Maybe the carb needs a rebuild for it to idle right.
  3. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    Those "grommet mounted lights" would look terrible I think. Your building a car not a trailer. As far as building a suitable mounting base for the lights Evercoat Kitty Hair I think would work for your dilemma. Depending on how much hardener is added curing time will only take a minute or two...
  4. radiator placement

    There is a member in Las Vegas (or at least he lived here 8 years ago) that has that set up. I believe his name was Vincent Berberabe Sterling #396. I have no idea how to contact him.
  5. An actual Sterling GT. Wow!

    What happen to the molds??
  6. Radiator Kits

    This company offers radiator kits. They come with no inlet, no outlet, and no provisions for a cap. You cut the openings and weld the fittings in where you want them(fittings are supplied).
  7. You gotta see this

    I was sooo close to getting a Montage at one time. Before I got the Sterling I was looking at one but you couldn't get the glass for it so then I started looking at the Sterling Have to agree with frodos737 they ruined a beautiful car.
  8. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    Sounds like it goes on till it gets to the pilot bearing. You sure the clutch disc is aligned properly. It might be a little off causing the shaft to not be properly aligned to slide into the bearing.
  9. Laid up but back in the 'shed' soon.

    Good to hear your doing ok Peter We have the worst health service here in Las Vegas( I talk from experience) I have had broken bones misdiagnosed and they messed up the surgery on my wifes broken hand. I think we get the beginners out of school. They practice here till they get it right and then...
  10. Indent in the roof?

    I'm not familiar with the Sebrings setup. Be warned anyone considering this system, I removed all the electronics from the donor car to retain all the safety features. If you choose to install just the power drive unit the magnetic clutch will drain the battery if its left energized 24/7 and I...
  11. Indent in the roof?

    Main reason for the struts is for holding the canopy open. When the power lift system reaches its end of travel it disengages(its programed to do that) I tested the lifting force on one unit and it put out over 200 pounds of force. I redesigned the lifting arms on my car and because of this...
  12. Indent in the roof?

    I have installed one from a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country in my car. I kept all the bells and whistles with the system, however you can eliminate all of them and use just the linear actuator if you want. System is engaged by a magnetic clutch and when power is turned off the clutch disengages...
  13. Cimbria SS

    Latch is from a 2011 Chevy Aveo Don't have a picture of the latch installed, if you want one let me know and I'll take one and post it
  14. Cimbria SS

    Hinge lifts and moves hood forward so the hood can be opened when canopy is in the open position
  15. Cimbria SS

    Hinge is from a 1997 Olds Aurora trunk hinge. I shorten the length to fit to my liking
  16. Cimbria SS

    I have a setup like your asking about. Haven't installed the struts yet. I'm using just a rod to hold the hood up for now. Latch is cable operated and it has the safety catch also. I'll get you pictures when I get some time. Got the grand kids right now
  17. Ratio between front and rear tires?

    I think a limiting factor of choosing new tires is the size of rims you have.
  18. Interior Configuration

    I think the issue is not finding a seat that fits everyone its finding a seat that fits the car period. Yes if the car would be a little wider that would open up options but thats not going to happen I understand Warrens dilemma when you have to subcontract all the work out.It would be almost...
  19. Interior Configuration

    Alot of time was spent by various members researching and trying out possible seats that might fit and a list was made and posted. If you can locate that post it might save you alot of time and possible money. This topic of seats that fit has been an on going topic long before I became a member...
  20. Good places to look for a pan-rolling chassi

    I haven't been following your issues with the chassis so take this for what its worth. I don't think I could find your reason or any pictures of why the chassis needs to be replaced If your chassis is rusted out you can get just about any part of it and replace the rusted out section. As far as...