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  1. Changes to my car. Serial: B54

    I suppose I should start a build journal to document the changes that I am doing to my car. I will admit that some of these things are not recent. I hope you will cut me some slack on that one. The first thing that I did to my car was to replace the "bug eye" round headlights.
  2. Link to this forum at is bad

    The link to these forums at the website is bad. It is missing the ":" after "http" and doesn't bring anyone here. Not sure who I should let know about this.
  3. Failed

    Yes, my hydraulic canopy has failed in the past. Not a problem for me. One of the first things that I did was fiberglass some nuts into the edge of the windows where the original mountings were. I then used thumb screws (bolts) to hold the window hinges. When the top failed, I just used my...
  4. History of factory Sterlings built in Illinois

    Greetings! I saw my first Sterling in 1974 driving down the street in Denver Colorado. I fell in love instantly. It took me a while to research what it was and where I could find one. In 1976 I found myself living near Chicago Illinois. By then I had discovered that the car was named...
  5. I am a new member

    Greetings! I am a new member here. I have owned my 1974 Sterling since 1980. I have modified it extensively and will eventually post pictures. In the meantime, I will be exploring this wonderful site! Robert Virginia Beach, Va