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  1. Sterling #S009

    Sounds like a good idea. I kind of figured it would have to be custom made. Compared to the other items i've had to custom make this shouldn't be to big of an issue. I was thinking of making a whole new piece that would mount flush but your solution would be easier.
  2. Sterling #S009

    Forgot to mention that it has to be some what easy to remove for access to the electronics that are in that area. The electronics for the fuel system and the ECU along with some relays are located in that area. I may have an idea but don't have the time right now to try it. But still open to ideas
  3. Sterling #S009

    That sounds like a good idea. The size shouldn't be an issue for storage. OK looking for ideas for what others are doing for trim on the rear window. I can't leave it as it is. I need to clean it up so it looks like some thought was put into it and not just slapped in there. I don't suppose...
  4. Sterling #S009

    OK lets try this again. Applied adhesion promoter this time and the 2 coats of single stage urethane paint to the plug/buck. We'll see if that works better This has been taking so long to make, I hope it still matches up to the body. The new side panels that I'm making, I haven't removed them...
  5. Another new guy

    To my knowledge there is no specific wiring diagram that is used for the car. It was up to the owner/builder on how the car was wired. The closest most basic wiring harness used was to use the VW harness. Are all of those switches used?? The only advice I can offer is to just follow the wires...
  6. Sterling #S009

    I'm going to try an adhesion promoter before applying the top coat paint and see how that works
  7. Sterling #S009

    Could of got a bad batch of resin or not enough hardener was applied or the MEKP was bad. Or it was just to cold outside. I've been using single stage urethane paint, and up till now it worked. Looking at what happen closer, the paint didn't lift from the primer but its the primer is what...
  8. Sterling #S009

    I May have found the problem I used a gelcoat from another company and it appears to have a high shrink ratio. I have never had this happen with the other brand that I used. You can see after it has cured it pulled away from the edge of the cup and even developed a crack. Now that I think about...
  9. Sterling #S009

    This weekend was a prime example of "When Shit Happens" I had an opening this weekend to get the mold made for the front piece. but it was not to be. Got the part waxed and sprayed with PVA with no issues, but thats the only thing that went per plan. Next I got the gelcoat sprayed on, While...
  10. Sterling #S009

    My early years I had the same issue of the PVA beading up. I was thinking of it like spraying paint but thats not what you do. I Watched a few videos on applying PVA and found out that the first few passes had to be fogged on. Make one pass let it dry, then make another pass and let it dry. It...
  11. Sterling #S009

    Personally I like to spray it on. I bought one of those cheap spray guns from harbor freight and played with it till I got the coverage I wanted from it and labeled it PVA only. Thats all its used for. Its got a 1.3 tip. I also mix the PVA at a 50/50 mix with water. I know they tell you not to...
  12. Sterling #S009

    I'm looking forward to that day also Thanks, I'll let you know if I decide to make another one, but to be honest I don't see it happening. Well I had some time to work on the car so I started to make the parting flanges for the front Buck/Plug. I use polypropylene corrugated plastic that I get...
  13. Cool Tools 17 Tubing Beader

    I did a write up for a tubing beader that works for my heater lines but that didn't work for the larger coolant lines used for the engine, so I needed to make something else that would work for that. Started off getting this But the tooling die was to large to fit inside of the 1 3/4" tubing...
  14. Sterling #S009

    Thanks Warren and Rob. I have had other members ask about that storage compartment, but right now I'm just trying to get the new body panels made. The mold for that storage compartment is history, so even if I were to build more I would have to make a new mold first.
  15. canopy on my nova problem

    Yes I did notice that. Hence my reference to the picture and not the car. I would trace the line back that feeds the lifting strut and find out where that goes. Maybe that would tell you more of how the system operates.
  16. canopy on my nova problem

    Just a guess but is that an air tank in picture #3399 ? I see in picture #3397 there is an air pump(right side of picture) thats normally used for a horn. Does the discharge line of that go to a horn or to that tank. I'm just guessing here.
  17. canopy on my nova problem

    Looks to be a pneumatic system maybe. I would need more information on the system to be of any help. If nobody here can help, the guys on the Nova site may know something of that system
  18. canopy on my nova problem

    Pictures would help of the piston tubes your talking about. If its an linear actuator system, then its all one unit.(lifting strut and motor) If its hydraulic the lifting strut will have 2 hydraulic lines going to it and those run from the pump to the lifting strut. The pump is often place up...
  19. canopy on my nova problem

    Forgot to mention to check The grounds/earths for the system
  20. canopy on my nova problem

    Check for blown fuses Is the top operated by hydraulics or linear actuators.? Check for power at the pump (hydraulic) or motor (linear actuator) See if there is a company name or model number on the control module. If so you maybe able to find the wiring diagram for it on the internet.