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  1. Questions, questions, and more questions

    Hey thanks for the insight! Well I hope it will work because I don’t wanna have to buy a transmission though, since the weather’s been bad here and the engine hasnt arrived I wonder if I can cancel? i’ll try that now, it looks like they are closed but I left a message and sent an email saying...
  2. Once again just too much stuff!

    I’m in need of a front hood and a driver side window, sir. How do I contact you?
  3. Questions, questions, and more questions

    Hey, I just bought a Sterling. It was sold online as a ‘73 Sterling Nova, however, when the car is delivered the title reads a ‘79 Sterling Rally? Then, it looks like Sterling was only in production from 72-77. The only “Sterling Rally” was produced in 1975? Any help would be appreciated. Also...