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  1. Sterling #S009

    Oh absolutely. My post was more just made with excitement to see vs. critiquing.
  2. Sterling #S009

    I like it but curious about the side shot. How does the profile look with the side.
  3. Zenny's Sterling (GP39)

    I can't tell if those beads penetrated but if they did it doesn't matter how they all look. Some good seam sealer will take care of all the pin holes from letting water in. Keep up the progress!
  4. Sterling #S009

    :ROFLMAO: Sorry Brett! On the plus side it's not a priority to get it usable. I am looking forward to seeing the end result of the side pods.
  5. Sterling #S009

    Love the progress Brett. But I have to ask .... is that front lower nose going to change angles or something? It just looks blocky compared to the rest of the car.
  6. First time hopping in and dropping the canopy down.... claustrophobic

    Psychological benefit? Heck mine are out because I am still building trust with this car and the last thing I want is to be stuck. :ROFLMAO:
  7. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    Thanks Brett! Driving is a solid first step as it keeps the dream a live. Plenty to do still but at least I can start enjoying it.
  8. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    Had a charging issue which I thought was a parasitic battery drain caused by a circuit I screwed up somehow. After head scratching and some more troubleshooting it appears that the generator was just a dud. Voltage reading was all over the place for it when I tested it. Swapped it with the...
  9. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    Yeah I'm right there with your thinking Rick. New starter from RockAuto got me back up. After 12.5 years the car is technically road legal with plates put on it today. Plenty more to do including get the canopy seal on to stop the hard bounces, windshield removed and reinstalled and sloppy...
  10. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    Sometimes it's worth the expense just to get the darn thing finished to check it off the list.
  11. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    I appreciate all input - just thinking out loud when I type it. :) I didn't have this issue before as the car never ran for more than 5 minutes. That being said it could have definitely been an issue that just hadn't been discovered. I am betting the carb is good as on a cold start it fires...
  12. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    I'd agree with the carbs but that wouldn't keep the engine from turning over. Dead battery or shot starter seems like the only reason it wouldn't even turn over once hot. I'm verifying grounds are all tight and then will figure out how to test the starter bushing and then starter.
  13. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    So what's the plan? Keep one of the 3/4 pumps?
  14. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    Car is insured and has temp tags. Been driving it around the block to gain trust and I am really glad I have been. The latest issue is the car starts right up when cold. Once up to temps it refuses to start back up. Starter struggles to turn like it's a dead battery or super high compression...
  15. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    Oh we all know exactly what 3/4" part will show up next week. 😂
  16. Sterling #S009

    Love seeing the progress as always Brett.
  17. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    That has to be so frustrating nbb - you'll get it figured out though.
  18. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    After a few more trips around the neighborhood trying to build trust with the engine and carbs, I have come to 2 conclusions. 1. The exhaust sounds amazing but I am in need of sound deadening - it's loud. 2. The front suspension needs work, badly! Tire pressure is 15psi and still very bouncy...
  19. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    You're right NBB but honestly I did not lay a good beat until the last few welds. I should have double checked the exhaust tips before welding them fully as one is on a slightly different angle. It'll do for now though as I need different exhaust tips anyways. Update: Well the rear air shocks...
  20. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    I was just thinking the same farfegnubbin. If you can add a filler to the top of the system that would alleviate the issues - wouldn't it?