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  1. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    I shouldn't have to pay, but they want me to pay return shipping thru their "easy online return portal". Or sit on the phone for 45 minutes and try to plead my case to a rep. That will have to wait until the workday next week when I'm sitting in one place all day... I did an online chat with...
  2. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    GODDAMMIT! pump just showed up...with 3/4" NPT threads. the online catalog says 1" NPT threads. the adapters I bought are 1" NPT threads, so useless with this pump.
  3. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    After discovering the leaky coolant pump and ordering the new pump, I took the opportunity to install the interior panels and the driver's seat. But first I had to assemble the seat from parts...after narrowing the seat 4" about 15 years ago! suprisingly, everything went together pretty...
  4. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    Slow day at work, so I might as well post an update... There is no room under the louvers to add any fill port higher up than it already is, so instead I added a bypass valve to the heater core. When its in bypass mode, the overflow/fill tank will be the highest point in the cooling system...
  5. My first question for the site

    Another option would be to consider what you bought a "donor kit body" and find an actual Beetle in good condition with a soild chassis and engine that you could actually test drive. then restore your Sterling body and drop it onto the donor chassis - just like the original builder did back in...
  6. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    So...To Heat or Not To Heat, that is the Question. Last night I started filling the cooling system. I got 2 gallons of water and 2 gallons of pure coolant into the system before it started backing up. Looking online, that may be normal for a vehicle. (With all my pipes running the length of...
  7. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    High temp paint hides many sins....LOL
  8. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    and, as always, "attention to detail" is what matters:
  9. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    But, I FINALLY got back into the shop to work on the exhaust - last Monday...the record-setting hottest day of the year so far. Ugh. I cut the elbows out of my bent stock pipe and adjusted them to fit, then tack welded them, checked fit, and welded them solid. After grinding and sanding, a...
  10. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    Been a while, eh? Got busy with Spring projects...landscaping, sprinkler repair, and running a new gas line from my garage to shop. The original builder of my house/shop direct-buried two 1/2" copper lines - and never capped them. So they sat outside, open to the elements for 20+ years...
  11. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    Also, my muffler mockup was pretty damn close!
  12. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    Been busy working on making a connection between the exhaust manifold and flanges. I couldn't buy a pre-made connection anywhere, so I bought 1.75" exhaust pipe, made my own spherical pipe end with a 6 ton press and a 2 5/16" stainless steel Convert-A-Ball hitch, and found a 1.75" flange (for...
  13. Legal issues if making a Cimbria(SS) name plate/logos?

    What kind of file? I have an original logo plate off the dash to scan, but it would still have to be traced into Photoshop or something. I just want it for the top of a sign board to say "1975 Sterling"; a graphic artist would only have to "free hand" the 1975 numbers in the same "font".
  14. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    true...the car is only sitting about 16" higher than normal right now! lol an issue with the turbos: the exhaust outlet will be at Centerline of the muffler, at best. kinda low... the glasspacks are up tight against the body. but I'd much rather have the turbos for actual MUFFLING...
  15. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    I made some mockups of the smallest "turbo-style" muffler I could find and also a traditional "glasspack". I don't like the way the turbo style looks from the side, so I guess I'll be going with glasspacks! The turbo has either Center-Offset or Offset-Offset options. The glasspack just...
  16. Legal issues if making a Cimbria(SS) name plate/logos?

    On that note, any idea what the Font Name is for the old Sterling logo? (If such a thing as a "font name" existed back then?)
  17. RHD Nova just bought it

    I love the wheels! And headlights!
  18. Honeycomb grill - ABS

    "interesting" indeed. the main pic on the car is Expanded Metal painted black (and bent up in a few spots). the other pics appear to be of the actual ABS product with uniform openings. Caveat Emptor!
  19. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    Hello April! I took 6 months off to hibernate and now that Spring is around the corner, it's time to work on the car again! After firing up the engine last fall and almost going deaf, I decided that new mufflers were in order. Unfortunately for me, a previous owner had welded my entire...
  20. Car #069

    It looks amazing! Great job! What kind of clear coat did you use? I used Eastwood's European CC and had terrible orange peel. (Just wondering if better stuff sprays better or if it's all technique/experience)