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  • You can use my current Avatar if that will work. The rear view of the car. I spent a while trying to see where to add it to the builder's journal but never figured it out. I just assumed maybe it was something I was prompted to set up with the first post and I missed it somehow.....oh well, no biggie.
    The little corner avatar? Yeah, for some reason that's been giving us fits lately. Which one would you like? I'll see if I can finagle the code from my end.

    It's kind of sad really. It really is a neat car that plain and simply "just didn't sell". But the fact is it's not a Lamborghini or Ferrari. If someone wants an Exotic looking car on a VW pan with 57 horsepower that's great...I get it! But it's not for me. Like you, I choose to build my way. When I'm done it's usually different from the norm. I think most people see the value and the work involved in the proccess. There are others that are just plain jealous and their intincts are to criticize first. Oh well, enough of my rambling. Again, thanks for your vote of condfidence. Hope to meet you someday. I'll be easy to spot, my car will be the one that's built wrong........:)
    Thanks Bob,
    I really am enjoying most of the dialogue. I've been building/restoring and showing cars for the better part of 30 years. I also belong to several car clubs/websites. I always find it humorous that there are always a couple people who are the "self appointed" experts of these car sites. They don't know anything about new members, yet they assume the new guy knows very little or nothing about the car industry. I'm trying to make them see that nobody likes to be criticized. They should have many more postings about these cars because of the limited websites dedicated to the Sterling. The reason they don't is because no one wants to set themselves up for the abuse. They've scared away the very people that they're trying to attract. If you look through the blogs, most of the traffic is written by the few critics. Some of the blogs go back months to years. New guys like myself may post intitially, but after a few posts you find it's better to "just belong" or move on.
    I agree with you 100%.I too have been questioned on why I did something. It's my car and I'm going build it the way I want. They don't mean any harm, they just get a little over critical sometimes.

    Thanks Mike, I will do. Both possible buyers I haven't heard from so know nothing yet about going that way... Sorry I couldn't help you out. I'm headed south to S.F. Bay again next weekend so let me know if you need anything.....
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