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  • can you help me on a couple of issues. I want to change the clock its says its 409am but here in kcmo its 913am. Also wanted to ad a avitar it won't let me or im in the wrong place
    thanks dale
    Hey got a question and maybe you can help me out im trying to think of new things that i want to do and change on my sterling.

    Maybe you can give me a call so we can talk. 832-224-8844

    What it is I have the stock vw 1600cc motor and im trying to get ideas to get a bit more performance.

    But i noticed that there was alot of talk about how they are unstable at high speeds.

    Im just wanting to give the performance of a sports car as well.
    Am I hogging the board or am I the only one thats checks the board daily, guess I'm just a exited newbie. That dumb car is all I can think of lately. lol I know a lot of guys lurk but do i post too much or what?
    had trouble getting into the forum this evening. the link was not correct and i had to take out the first part of it that links to the first page. do not know who to tell so I went with you. I see a few others are on now so it either was just updated or they figured it out to.
    Hey again Rick, I guess my first reply went to my self. My email is jmull28@yahoo.com I would like some pics please.
    Hey rick, I read in one of your posts that you had a mercruiser trim kit for lift on your canopy. #516 has a manual canopy and I all ready have the trim kit. It has a 9" stoke. I wanted to know if you had pictures of it before you sold it. I counted off 9 secounds from down to up positions and that did not seem bad to me. It may be more with the load of the canopy.. but as it will still be a couple of weeks before I can even pick up my car I am still cant help looking and planning for projects when I do get it. I have not been this excited about a lot of work ever.
    Hey,Rick, Any idea why my sterlings are slowly being removed from the site, and the showcase? First the GT, and now number 31? I haven't sold it, as everyone wants to make payments, and I'm sure you know what I think of that.....
    hello again mr. letterman i finally had some one come and get the sterling i didnt even charge him for it but he says he will send me something when he can im only happy to see the kit with an enthusiastic owner he almost had tears just looking at all the pieces spread out on a trailor thanks very much for all your help and i think you can take my add off the forum by the way i only had two nibbles before tom who eventually picked it up thanks again ted connelly
    I accepted your generious offer to be friends. I just don't know what that means. Could you explain please. Also my frends icon are question marks. Do I have to do something else?
    mr letterman this is ted connelly i finally took those pictures but cant figure out how to get them to you or on the for sale thread can you possibly give me your e mail address again
    this is ted connelly again sorry about bugging you personally but i cant figure out how to use the forum. i mentioned i picked up an ancient kit with no donor. well my wife had astroke and a broken hip so i sont think i can get her in/out of a sterling. the kit i got was one of the original buble dash jobs and its got all panels and glass except engine cover. its looking for a new home. i live in lafayette la my phone is 602-292-3754 can u get the message out for me thnx ted
    from Ted Connelly sorry about not acnkowledging your note of welcome. I went on vacation and when i got back, it took me this long to figure out how to respond. I just picked up a Sterling kit from Arizona in all it's pieces. Ihave been a mechanic for most of my life (helicopters) and have some pretty good experience with fibreglass, The kit looks like it is probrably a # 1 or 2 with the 2 bubble type dash. Can u tell me if the original manual is still availeable and where I might be able to purchase it thanks for the welcome and info before i even get it Ted Connelly
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