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  • Those photos of blue Bernardi I found on the Canadian car forums website. There was also a really nice red Bernardi. I did some extensive research when I was considering purchasing Robert's s Bernardi (the one you have). Based on information I've collected, all other cars are still in Canada. Have you had the chance to finish yours?
    No, it didn't get away, but grass roots feelings Craig controlled my urge. I don't know what Bob has done to the front, but I plan on extra weight some how. Please keep me posted on that Super Car.
    Morning Doug. That's probably why Bob never sent me that copy. Still haven't started on the Cimbria. Bob said he did swap the steering rack out from the original on the Bernardi and said he did something to offset the front weight issue, but I don't remember what it was. Based on your warning, I take it the Bernardi tried to get away from ya. Hope nothing suffered but your adrenaline level. How does she drive? Craig.
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