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  • Not yet Doug. Will give them a look see. Did you find a part number on your door struts I asked about?
    Anything new with your Cimbria, Craig? If you need any help, let me know, I might be able to help; Keith Cline and Donnie Vivier are knowlagable, I don't think the're Sterling group members, but on facebook ( Donnie Vivier has "Fiberclassics) All of this, and IF you need help. Hoping to hear you're driving it soon Craig.
    You were asking how it drove Craig, it surprised me, thought it would ride stiff, and I think yours will ride good as well, very similar chassy set-ups. Craig you will enjoy that car.
    Robert said he put manual behind seat, but I can't find it, guess he's lost it. What the latest on your Cimbria? Gotta figure some way to put more weight up front without disrupting airflow around radiator. When you get it going, be careful with that beast and don't let it bite you.
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