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  1. Changes to my car. Serial: B54

    1980 Ford Fairmont. There are dozens if not hundreds of models that use this headlight. The form factor is 2B1 and the cross reference is H6054. Here is the rear. I took this out of the Ford as well. I just bolted it on. I did have to fiber glass the round hole for the old headlight. The round...
  2. Changes to my car. Serial: B54

    I cut out the exact shape and then fiber glassed the roof where it went below the sunroof frame. The sunroof has screws that hold the frame against the top roof layer. The lower roof layer is now gone.
  3. Changes to my car. Serial: B54

    Probably should have shown this one first. The sunroof has a mirror finish. That is the roof of the garage. A light and the garage door opener can be seen in the reflection.
  4. Changes to my car. Serial: B54

    And the sunroof removed:
  5. Changes to my car. Serial: B54

    Here is the sunroof open:
  6. Changes to my car. Serial: B54

    Next, I removed the hump on the top and filled in where the T-Handle was. Didn't need it because I have a hydraulic top. This picture also shows the sunroof that I installed. It has three clips that you move and the glass then pops right out.
  7. Changes to my car. Serial: B54

    I suppose I should start a build journal to document the changes that I am doing to my car. I will admit that some of these things are not recent. I hope you will cut me some slack on that one. The first thing that I did to my car was to replace the "bug eye" round headlights.
  8. Keeping the canopy up!

    Here is the locking valve that I am using. As of today, 07AUG17, it is available here: < Metro Lock Valves: MFG No. 409-08, Double Circuit, 10 GPM, Inlet/OutletSAE 8 Ports, 3000 PSI, 280367 > You might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere. This is a picture of the valve on my car. The...
  9. Sterling #S009

    This is my locking valve. I will try to get closeup pictures tonight.
  10. Link to this forum at is bad

    The link to these forums at the website is bad. It is missing the ":" after "http" and doesn't bring anyone here. Not sure who I should let know about this.
  11. exterior key switches

    Sorry, I just read the blurb on how to embed pictures. Here they are:
  12. How much material?

    Sorry, I am old and senile. Yes, there were two seams. I don't know why I didn't remember it earlier. Probably because they are hidden behind the speakers and I have not seen them for 37 years. There is one seam on each side. I also put the vinyl on the canopy sides as well. The last shot is...
  13. How much material?

    I used diamond vinyl. It is one continuous piece all the way around with no seams. I just used contact cement to put it on the walls. I did this in 1980 and I just took the pictures a couple of minutes ago, so it has lasted for 37 years. I really, really hated the "bare wall" look and getting...
  14. Failed

    In hindsight, I should have wiped off the cobwebs and maybe done a little detailing. :D There really isn't much to it. I dug out the inside of the window channel to allow a nut to be embedded. I then fiberglassed it in. I also ground down the wingnuts on the window glass so that they can be...
  15. Failed

    Yes, my hydraulic canopy has failed in the past. Not a problem for me. One of the first things that I did was fiberglass some nuts into the edge of the windows where the original mountings were. I then used thumb screws (bolts) to hold the window hinges. When the top failed, I just used my...