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  1. Cimbria returns to S.C. FOR SALE-CHEAP.

    Won't ponder the details leading to this sale. It just has to go. $500.00 firm. CLEAR TITLE, as 1984 Homemade, Cimbria, used. VIN: SCHD105584, odometer: 4,644. NOTES on title, Actual mileage. Off road use only.(see below). Undisclosed liens.(see below). The car is the same as seen in the...
  2. Cimbria SS side windows

    Looking for a brown smoked drivers window. It has a brown tint-seems abit strange. I know they swap side-to-side. I may just have to get 2 new ones. Plus I'm syphoring roll up/down mechanisms and yes, I know it can't be done. Does anyone have a pair for sale? Peace-Rick
  3. Cimbria retuns to S.C.

    Did this work? I'm apparently struggling w/this concept. Please bare w/me. Thanks.
  4. Cimbria comes back to S.C.

    YEP!! I finally own a Cimbria, thanks to James(mud4fun). He & I made an even up swap of my 2/3rds Sterling(w/title) for his all-there Cimbria. No title yet, but that will be worked thru the magistrate's office & after I meet all the requirements, read as pay all fees, get the title. This Cimbria...
  5. newbee from S.C.

    New here. Dang, I've messed up already, in the intro stuff I posted I had serial # 00708-wrong- I have # 00706, regestered as a 1978 model, last retitled in 1988. The 1/3rdoff is reference to a small VW engine fire!?! I'm sure my Sterling will mount on a fiero frame as easily as a Gt40 does...