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  • Hi Rick,
    Dunno. It's possible that your computer cache is not keeping track, or that the threads are simply 'going down the wire' where more than one thread is active in a particular topic, moving your answer thread downwards and off the main page. You'll have to pay attention to what section you're replying in to find the topic - if there is still an issue, try to provide an example to me and I'll look into it.

    As for the cars being 'off'... oh, yes, definitely. Can't say about the Cimbria and Sebring, but the Sterling is known off by an inch and a half on the right rear.
    Hi Rick,
    Which photo? The red car in my profile? That's just an artsy-fartsy shot I got of my car a couple years ago. Shot over my front fender and hood against a sunset.
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